Great TV Shows To Binge-Watch This 2018


The year 2017 has been an excellent year for television. We have seen some very familiar shows continue their reign in popularity and a couple of newer critically-acclaimed ones that took the spotlight.  Unfortunately, 2017 had to end. But don’t worry, because 2018 is here and it already looks extremely promising for TV series fans everywhere. From much-awaited new seasons of hit shows up to exciting newbies, 2018 seems to look a lot like another year that will load a binge-watching excellent TV series.

Speaking of new shows, what I have here is a short list containing TV gems that are worth your time this 2018. So if you are looking for new stuff to watch, then don’t go anywhere because these Netflix TV series are all going to be worth it.



  • The End Of The F*cking World

Available on: Netflix

Based on Charles Forsman’s novel of the same name, this one is a British black-comedy series that was first presented on Channel 4 in the UK last October.   The two centers around two young almost lovers who are on a journey to nowhere. Sounds lame? Well, it is if it weren’t for this one twist that set this one apart from all other TV shows you have seen. The character has a homicidal predisposition that makes it more exciting. The boy initially wanted to kill the main girl but ends up falling for her instead. That’s all you need to know. Watch the series to find out what the fuzz is all about.


  • The Good Place

Available on: NBC, Netflix

The series is one of the most underrated TV shows right now. The comedy-fantasy series involves a group of people who end up in an afterlife realm, and things aren’t always what they seem. And yes, The Good Place has been around for quite some time but unfortunately, it is still considered a hidden gem to a lot of fans. This light-hearted but intense series will make you laugh, cry, and re-evaluate your life at the same time. You can binge-watch the series on Netflix, but you are going to have to wait for the second season to complete because it is still airing in the US.


  • 13 Reasons Why

Available on: Netflix

The heavy teen drama revolves around the story of a young girl who killed herself and left behind cassette tapes explaining why she ended her life. While it sparked a lot of controversies and criticisms last year, 13 Reasons Why remains one of Netflix’s most popular shows and that gave way to the birth of season 2. If you want something that can show you some of the hardest things that teens these days go through, then this is the show for you. No confirmed date was given as to when the season 2 will be available, but we’re guessing it’s pretty soon.


These are just three of the countless TV shows that you can binge-watch this year. So get some popcorn and start watching these enjoyable shows.