Marvel vs. DC Movies: What I Prefer


Live action movies with very nice animations are popular today. It is not only for children but also for adults. It becomes entertaining to watch in theaters because of its interesting plot twists. Superhero movies in Marvel and DC have their pros and cons, but both produce amazing films. Animated films and movies with superheroes are amusing and overwhelming to watch because of its jokes and lessons included in the scenes.  Choosing the best type of film from the makers of DC and Marvel can be critical. It should not only be entertaining and fun to watch but it must have to make you appreciate the storyline despite your age and gender. You can have your choice of what kind of movie to watch regardless of who the actors might be.


There are many popular Marvel movies superheroes like Wolverine, Spiderman, Iron Man, Captain America and the teams of Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Fantastic Four. Most of them are very entertaining. But if you miss a single episode, you can’t relate to the next film.

The characterization of Marvel movies is great. The castings are chosen to fit well on the characters that add additional points on the film. They also have well-made costumes worn by both heroes and human beings.The stories are beautiful with great special effects that the young and old would enjoy. You can notice that each movie has great dialogues and you can even get lessons from every one of them.  Everything in the movie is almost always well-written. However, the villains can be easily defeated which somehow makes it too predictable. Some are funny which can be annoying sometimes. Also, some plot twists are not that good.


Most DC movies have well-known superhero characters including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Green Arrow and The Flash. Unlike Marvel, DC focuses only on a single character. The movies are not quite realistic too, but it distinguishes everyone from one another. Movie viewers love DC films due to the high-quality graphics, animations and of course the sense of humor.

The movies are popular, but they frequently take one of the characters seriously that you can’t remember the others. Some of the movies are weak that the gaps between film productions are too long. You have to be patient enough to wait for the next film to get produced.

What do you prefer to watch?  


The kind of movies you want to watch would actually depend on your age and your interest. Whether you are a Marvel movie addict or a fan of DC, the important thing is that you watch without prejudice first and try to enjoy the film you’re viewing.
Watching Marvel and DC movies of your choice in theaters can be entertaining and enjoyable especially if they can effectively play with your emotions.  These movies are generated from comic books. If you are fond of reading before watching, then you can have a deeper connection with the film and somehow predict the flow of the story. There are many Marvel and DC movies to choose from depending on your preference.