Vlogging: Understanding The Toxicity Of Vlogging

Understanding Vlogging: Why Vloggers Choose Vlogging

The Vloggers

Our generation today is crazy about the internet. Somehow at some point, everything that people do needs to be posted on the web. That brings us to vlogs or the art of creating content that is in video format. It is a place where people talk about a particular subject,  discuss various opinions, show some clips about their lives, review a product and report a current event. It is a popular way of getting in touch with different people and gaining a huge social media connection. But the best part is the number of cash influencers earned in just a 5 to 30-minute video.


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Why Have Vloggers Started Vlogging?

The purpose of a vlogging is to share thoughts, ideas, and experiences with an audience. Many vloggers are comminuted to influence people, especially the younger generations, to become more aware of themselves, the world they live in, and their purpose in life. But somehow, there are those influencers that are more focused on earning than creating valuable or useful content. There is nothing wrong with that, though, as long as people enjoy and love what they do. However, the damage is unnoticeable as some vlogs impact a wide audience’s mental, emotional, and behavioral aspects.

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Influence Of Vlogs

Positive Influence of Vlogs

A lot of people say that vloggers promote positive influence as most people find some content informative. Content creators can show a different side of the news as it does not rely on the mainstream media. There is a lot of information about almost everything, and people can easily get a direct answer to their questions. The vloggers sometimes hold direct access to the current situations, especially when done live.

Convenience Factor of Doing Things

Vloggers also help people to do things conveniently. The best part of it is that they won’t have to waste some time trying to do something that somehow won’t work because they can already show the results. Vlog is also a source of useful instructions as most influencers share more easy-to-follow procedures such as baking, cooking, gardening, video gaming, drawing, dancing, singing, etc.

Aside from that, content creators can be a great source of positivity due to the endless entertainment. It somehow takes away people’s anxiety and stress. That is because vlogs provide content that is often funny, engaging, and worthy to watch. The influencers often share jokes, comedic clips, and pranks. These types of content all make sense when the audience wants some time to entertain themselves and take off their minds on something.

Another great thing about vlogging is its influence on people’s mental health. It somehow creates this community where they encourage people to share and express their feelings and emotions. It has its way of convincing people not to deal with their life issues alone. In some fortunate instances, vlog takes care of people’s doubts and insecurities about themselves. There are helpful tips that vloggers provide that individuals can use freely. There are some videos that are inspirational and often promote a positive outlook in life.

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Negative Impact

Like everything else in the world, there are always two sides to the story. While vloggers seem to hold the power of influencing people with many things, it can also cause a negative impact. That is because some content creators pay more attention to monetization, where they do not put any effort into sharing valuable information in their content. Usually, these vlogs are full of lies, and they focus more on fame or publicity. The videos rely on fake news and wrong information.

As content creators get praised for their video clip life hacks, there is always something about it that does not fit in.

Vlog instructional procedures always do not go well, especially when it is about how people deal with their everyday tasks. Of course, the main goal is to help an individual do things conveniently. But most of the time, vlog contents hide the truth. Some content creators show that they claim are easy to do, but it is quite full of complicated processes in reality.

As many people can agree, the priority purpose of vlogs is to entertain. That makes it so inviting because some vlogs are way too engaging and funny to promote joy and happiness to their audience. However, there are those entertaining vlogs that encourage negative impacts such as bullying. Usually, content creators often leave insensitive remarks towards people’s physical appearance, disabilities, intellectual capacity, and status. Some content also promotes abuse as some pranks often leads to physical damage.

Final Thoughts About Vlogs 

Lastly, vlogging is detrimental to mental health because of other people’s imposed perfect standard of life. The audience usually suffers from great emotional dilemma seeing those contents that make them feel sorry for themselves. Some vlog contents solely focus on showing off instead of inspiring others to be happy with what they have.