Wildlife Is The Greatest Gift Our Grandchildren Deserve


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There are parts of the earth that remain unexplored and uncharted, zones that remain untouched.  As of 2015, about 95% of the ocean as part of the body of water remained a mystery waiting for us to unravel.  Some animals were discovered not long ago to be at the edge of extinction.  They have lived long enough, but how unlucky is the next generation for they will not see them anymore.

Researchers keep on discovering new species, but then again, we are losing what we have faster.  Animals like Iberian lynx cat, Siamese crocodile, and Mexican wolf which survived long enough for modern era to encounter have come to the point that only hundreds of their kinds are left to be found.


The thirst of humankind to understand wildlife dared scientists to search for life unknown for us.  Every year there are new species discovered.  In the past decade, there were approximately 200,000 new species found and named.  Also, the extinction of species has been a worldwide problem each year.


The beauty of wildlife is an extraordinary wonder to me, how they strive and maintain to live on the earth, just like how humankind manages to survive.  It gives me much understanding that every living thing is working as one.


Visiting and going to zoos as my recreational activity has been part of my life for the past three years.  Being surrounded by wildlife allows me to have a sense of awareness.  With these animals around me, I sense that I’m not the advance or the dominant creature.  The animals in the zoo give me insights and knowledge that every species has its unique characteristics.


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Understanding Wildlife

Wildlife and animals face a lot of threats to survival and reproduction, the external forces caused by man and impact made by nature.  Mass extinctions by nature happen to bring a lot more damage to the ecosystem.  Mass extinctions occur because of the eruption of volcanoes leaving emitted gases which has led a lot of species to die.  There are also instances that climate change becomes a factor in extinction.  The sudden shift in temperature that caused the glaciers to harden also froze many marine creatures to death.


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Adapting Is Crucial For Surviving

Wildlife has its way of thriving to survive. The way they adapt to nature is phenomenal.  Imagine living in a place new to you without even knowing what language they speak.  You begin to get lost in places because you don’t know how to read directions.  But instead of whining, you start to find things that will benefit you to adapt little by little to the environment.  It is also true for wildlife. No matter how small the steps they take to adapt, there is nothing to do but continue and evolve.


Having Faith In Ourselves

Evolution can be harsh when the most significant enemy is humanity.  But the faith within us will manage to keep things as it should be and will continue to prosper.  As long as humans live, wildlife lives, too, and that is because nothing is more magnificent than the evolution of wildlife, the great works of nature.  And it is a gift that our grand-grand children deserve.