Family Movies Available On Netflix

There’s no doubt that Netflix is now one of the most sought after channels that people love. That’s due to the wide selection of movies they get and share with their family and friends. Tons of genres are available such as sci-fi, romantic comedy, action, horror, thriller, and more. The lists of movies feature high definition. There’s a plus ultra HD depending on the subscription.


What’s interesting about the channel is its categorical arrangement. With that, nice segregation of films is available. Some selections fit every family member’s wants and needs. And even if people end up having mixed generations, it’s never going to be a problem because picking a movie on Netflix is as easy as one, two, and three.

Top Family Movies

Pete’s Dragon

It is quite a proper release on cinemas last 2017. It is a remake of Disney’s lesser-known masterpiece (check it out in  Though it didn’t reasonably do well on the widescreen, it is still one of the most kid-friendly movies available on Netflix. It is primarily about a boy (Pete) who loses his family tragically at a very young age. He is lost in the woods and gets adopted by a dragon he named Elliot. The plot becomes interesting when he gets discovered by a park ranger that attempts to bring him back to the outside world. It is quite an exciting cinematography for children though, for adults, there are few heavy themes to consider. These include the boy’s struggle in the woods for a very long time and his reintroduction to society. Some parents might feel bad or sad about the whole kid’s experience. But overall, the film has a right balance and reasonably well-rounded.


The Iron Giant

It is an animated pick that gets included on the list due to its overall impact not only on kids but on adults as well. It is one of the last movies done in animation on a classic hand-drawn style before everything went digital. The story took place in the ’50s, something like a cold war era. There are guns and some strong scenes, but it’s not done in a way that scares children either. It is about a kid who befriends a giant robot. The thought of the animated film revolves in their friendship and how they handle the odds of both worlds. It’s a must-see movie that can receive a higher spot on the list.

Turner And Hooch

It is a type of movie that everyone will enjoy from the beginning only until to a 90% mark of the whole experience of watching it. That’s due to the film’s heavier themes that may not be suitable for some children. Though adults may find it contemplating, the last scenes are typically overwhelming. It’s much better parents don’t allow little kids to watch it due to the plot twist. Adults must be careful in allowing kids to watch the shootout at a certain point. The story is basically about a cop (Tom Hanks) who needs to get a hold of the dog because he’s a witness on a crime. The dog’s job is to identify the people that are present in the crime scene. Overall, it’s pretty much a solid pick on Netflix that families can enjoy. You can also read some reviews in

Harry And The Hendersons

Another old film on the list is Harry and the Hendersons. It is a movie that contains a lot of different elements in it that the whole family can enjoy. People can say that it is entirely intended for kids because it doesn’t have any inappropriate scenes. There is no sexual or foul languages and only manage to feature mild violence. It is an exciting movie that contains a lot of funny clips. Both kids and adults will be excited to watch it due to its friendly vibe.



It’s one of the best picks on Netflix because it is just fantastic and did entirely well in an overall aspect. It’s entertaining, and it kind of helps kids learn that there are a lot of things out there. Though the story somehow takes a part of Disney’s “Jungle Book,” the whole plot of the story is undoubtedly different from the latter. The story still runs with Mowgli avoiding the monkeys, eating fruits, and learning how to survive while protecting himself and the animals from the tiger, Sher Khan. It receives praises from becoming a realistic version of the tale told centuries ago. Though some people consider its cinematography as something that’s not designed for a happy movie, it still quite brings the essence of survival. For the comparison, I’d say Mowgli takes the crown of being the best version of the “Jungle Book.”

If you have recommendations of movies you find on Netflix that you think would be good for the family, please don’t hesitate to let me know.