Movie Therapy Significant Benefits

What is movie therapy and how is it connected with therapeutic health improvement? Can the therapy provide beneficial results? Learn more about movie treatment therapy and how it helps through mental wellness.

A movie can be therapeutic. A new study reveals that watching movies that demonstrate marriage difficulties can be as effective as couples therapy in reducing divorce rates and keeping the marriage alive.


Benefits Of Movie And CouplesTherapy

The movie therapy method can help lessen the rate of divorce and separation of couples by a significant margin. A study proved that therapy with movies could reduce the 25 percent separation rate to 10 percent within the 3rd year mark.  Below is an index of movies that are considered as movie therapy material and may save a couple’s waning marriage.

Here are some best movies to watch for couples:

  • When a Man Loves a Woman:

It is a film that portrays the point of view of both husband and wife struggling in their marriage and other difficulties in life. The film shows strong emotions and gives a better understanding of self-destructive behaviors while delivering insights about responsibility. People are not perfect, and all they can do is try to make things better through thick and thin. This emotionally intense film is good therapy for couples undergoing troubled times.

  • Two for the Road:

A film concerning a husband and wife who recalls their 12-year marriage while on a road trip. The film shows the disadvantages that women have to deal with upon entering marriage too early or without experience. The movie reveals the restlessness of husbands and wives during married life in jumbled details rather than intellectual progress. It’s a good therapy through movies that also shows that however bad things may become, a breather and a good talk are sufficient to fix most of the problems in married life.

  • Yours, Mine & Ours:

It is a good movie that portrays the hardships parents have to deal with regarding their children in a new marriage. This comedy romance movie is enjoyable to watch and is advisable for couples who entered a merging of families and underwent therapy. The movie will provide them with great ideas on how to adjust better to the new life. The movie is also viewable for children despite one nasty rumor portrayed in the movie.

  • Husbands and Wives:

It is a black comedy movie concerning two couples and their marriages. The first couple is struggling with their marriage while the other one is in a state of staleness. It is worth watching for movie therapy due to the film’s heartbreaking and hilarious scenes coupled with the rollercoaster ride of feelings. This movie shows that every couple has its own set of problems and that no relationship is the same.


Therapy Conclusions And Takeaway

Movies therapy can do help repair your married life. However, the effort is still the primary reason for it to work out. You have to make each other feel that both of you are still important in each other’s life despite the difficulties and challenges you are facing. Honesty may be essential in married life, but loyalty, respect, and effort are what undoubtedly make it work. Find more information about couples therapy at


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