I’m No Ordinary Photographer, I’m A Storyteller

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“A picture speaks a million words” an English idiom that pumps my veins, heats up my heart to do what a photographer must do – to capture the beauty in the exact moment and say it out loud “Art!”

Photography for me is not only about taking pictures, but it is to show the world that there is ethereal art in perfectly frozen time.


Passion For Real Art

It gives me so much exquisite affection every time I see photos coming from the captured memory of a person.  The aesthetic sense that it is something genuine is what I crave the most ever since the day I started photography.


Lens Of The Mind

The most powerful tool you must possess is not the camera, the computer, or your eye, but your mind that sees beyond the ordinary.  Spotting life through the eyes of a photographer is something that you will not encounter on a daily basis.  In the past years of my journey as a photographer, I had learned a lot and wished I knew these things when I was just starting.  I will share with you three life lessons I have learned so far.


Take Lots Of Pictures

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When I was just starting, I would shoot everything and anything that will catch my eye.  I would take photos of the subject several times and then compare my compositions for each picture.  Don’t be afraid to waste those spaces on your camera.  Go out and shoot and make your every frame better than the last. The secret to being a great photographer is taking 50,000 photos and then only show the world the best 3.


There Is Beauty In Everything

We all know the saying, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” and the same goes for photography.  As a photographer, you must perceive the beauty, the art, and the out of this world interpretation of things.  You must see beyond the ordinary in order for you to make a better composition and deliver that perfect photo to your audience.  But also remember to not just capture beauty through the lens, but rather push the envelope and create your own definition of beauty.



Now you’re taking a lot of pictures and seeing things differently. You must also consider your composition.  All the elements in your frame each have a purpose and meaning in your end output. You first ask yourself, “Does the person viewing my image see what is in my mind at the time I took it?”


Photographers Are Boundless Storytellers

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Photography is the visual way of telling your own story.  It is the story that you want to impart to everyone without saying a single word.  Always keep in mind that there is not much originality left in the world, but there is uniqueness in how we deliver things.

Photography has a significant role in our world; it captures events and moments of grief and joy.  Moments like birthdays, weddings and even deaths of beloved ones are moments passed and become memories to be treasured.

These are moments which are gone and only leave us with memories that are meant to be treasured for a lifetime and for the next generations to see.