The Advantages Of The Pandemic Lockdown

People randomly complain about the adverse effects of Coronavirus. I guess I can’t blame them for that. It causes a lot of struggle, and until now, it continues to make more lives miserable. People face lots of physical, emotional, and mental heartaches, and there is no exemption. Aside from that, no one knows when all of this would end. But with all due respect to those people who hate the situation, there are still good things attached to this phenomenon.


Family Bonding

Due to the outbreak, all countries are on lockdown. The purpose of that is to prevent the virus from spreading. So since all people are stuck in their homes, they get to spend more time with their families. It offers them the opportunity to bond and create memories together despite the challenges they experience. The lockdown allows people to appreciate and value the most valuable persons in their lives. Though, I understand that not all individuals seem to look at this as an opportunity. However, the idea of spending time and keeping the family safe and intact is what truly matters at this moment of crisis.


Healing Earth

Honestly, for sure, some people love the idea of this pandemic lockdown. Not because they benefit from it or anything. But because these people know how important this specific rule is for the benefit of the Earth. Yes, in a short period, the world gets to heal itself. It breathes again, and the clean oceans and clear blue skies are the pieces of evidence. The Earth is somehow free from all the damages that people put it through all these centuries. I guess we can all agree that the reason why the planet is dying is that humans take so much from it. And that even if all humans vanish from the Earth, it should still manage to get by and reborn itself.



One thing great about this lockdown is the opportunity for everyone to reflect on their actions. The lockdown is only part of the safety measures that come from the outbreak. It is merely a consideration that all governments had to take to secure the lives of millions of people. But in a more profound sense, it reminds everyone of the people’s incapability to recognize bad and good decisions. Because if no one tried to ruin the balance of the ecosystem, the world would not suffer from this pandemic. If only other people respect and understand boundaries among other creatures, perhaps people will not be counting infected and dead loved ones.



Another aspect we should be thankful for this lockdown is the realization it gives to everybody. This particular moment allows people to see that uncertainty is always one step ahead. Therefore, the importance of preparation is an asset. Yes, no one expected this to happen. But the possibility of this virus infection becoming a pandemic is already visible from the start. Therefore, the mentality of people not doing something because the problem doesn’t require significant importance is not helpful. Perhaps people are used to ignoring small situations and would start to blame everyone when that particular problem gets worse.

See, this lockdown may cause everyone a mental and emotional breakdown, but there is always the good side of everything. Maybe if people focus more on looking at more important things, they might be able to manage their overall wellbeing. So instead of complaining more and more about this pandemic, we might as well we do our best to make life worth living. Yes, there are limitations to that. But we are humans, and we are creative enough to find ways.