What Makes Us Feel Lonely During This Pandemic Situation?

Perhaps you already know that loneliness is one of the universal emotions anyone one of us has. In a time like this that we need to face an invisible enemy, we can’t help but think about all the list of things we want answers. Unfortunately, with all the ongoing battle of facing reality and attaching it to the instant adjustment we need to deal with, we become mentally and emotionally vulnerable. Sometimes, even if we think we can manage, the situation tells us we can’t.

Loneliness is not something we desire. However, we know we need it at some point. It gives us an opportunity to reflect on ourselves and think about what we can do in this situation. It is a feeling that makes us realize our capabilities, worth, and overall balance. So in this time of crisis, what are the things that can make us lonely? Here are some of the few you might want to check out.

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Not Knowing How To Connect With people

In this global health crisis, some of us are thanking the situation for demanding a social distancing protocol. That is because some of us do not know how to connect with people, and this is the exact moment that excuses us from connecting with others. However, loneliness becomes attached to the idea because we all crave closeness and relationships, especially at this time of the pandemic. And without anyone by our side, we feel alone and lonely. From there, we choose to be more isolated and distant.

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Scared Of Temporary Intimacy

One of the reasons why right now is not the right moment to engage in a new relationship is because of the fear of temporary intimacy. A lot of us are afraid that when we invest feelings for someone, it won’t last. That even if we feel something for that person, it’s not going to support a lasting commitment due to the thought that one day when all these are over, things will go back to the way they were. With that, part of our loneliness is the challenge of letting people into our lives. There is an emotional fear of vulnerability that we don’t want others to see.

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There Are A Lot Of Change

We are in a situation that we know adjustment is a must. We understand that the only way to survive this pandemic is for us to follow safety protocols. That is, even if it means sacrificing the things that we are used to doing. But with all the challenges and emotional burden of complying and doing what you are not supposed to, it gives this sense of loneliness. There is this part of us that tells us we can’t do anything but to adapt to the idea of a new normal. There is the pressure of uncertainty, and that is something we know we don’t like. From there, we get confused, heartbroken, and lost.

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Losing Touch Of One’s Self

One thing that we can all hate about this global health crisis is the idea of losing ourselves. There is an emotional turmoil that buildup at the back of our minds because we can no longer do what we want to. Somehow we feel that this situation is changing us only to damage us in the long run. With that, we become unaware of ourselves because we have to consider restrictions. That even if other people suggest that we should widen our horizons and learn new things, we can’t because we don’t want to. Over time, we forget what we truly want, and that brings us to a deep sense of loneliness.