Remembering The 2014 Baltimore Photography Workshop



One of my favorite workshops is the 2014 Baltimore photography workshop. There are so many reasons why it remains to be my top choice. First of all, it was the first workshop or training seminar that I ever attended. Everything was still new back then. I only had a little knowledge about photography. To be perfectly candid, I was only starting falling in love with the said hobby.


Aside from that, the said workshop also provided me with several opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals. I met several people who taught me a lot of things about photography. Some of the individuals I met during the event even remained to be good friends with me. Whenever we have free time, we usually hang out together to talk about our works and increase our connections.


It was also during that workshop that I discovered how I truly love photography. The lecturer who handled the activity was so friendly and amazing. Despite his popularity, he remains to be humble and accommodating to a newbie like me. He made me realize that my passion is taking good photos and immortalizing beautiful memories. The truth is that he is one of the reasons why I am in this journey.




Lastly, it was in that workshop that I met the love of my life. We were both interested in pursuing a career in photography. Now, we travel together and visit new places now and then. Of course, we wouldn’t leave a particular city or country without taking shots of the beautiful sites. Indeed, the 2014 Baltimore photography workshop opened several opportunities in my life.


I am hoping to share more of our stories and photos soon. I guess attending that workshop was one of the best decisions I made in my life. It was remarkable.