Changes In The Relationship: 3 Months Vs. 3 Years

Let me start this article by citing a line mentioned by a therapist. According to Heidi McBain, MA, LMFT, LPC, RPT, “A superficial relationship is one that is only on the surface, often just based on looks and if the partners are having fun together.”


You probably noticed a lot of changes in your relationship these couple of months or years. Don’t panic because it’s pretty normal. There are some things that both you and your partner will eventually lose interest in doing, but that doesn’t mean that your relationship is falling apart. It simply means you’re getting used to each other that you don’t actually worry about small details anymore. Here are our top humorous picks of those changes in the relationship.




Month Anniversaries

  • 3 Months – You feel the need to celebrate every month that passes by because you think that you’re slowly getting the goal of staying together. You often thought about making it extra special since you’re in the middle of getting to know each other.
  • 3 Years – Well, those simple celebrations will somehow won’t matter. In 3 years of commitment, you probably have a lot of priorities to handle. Besides, you would instead consider spending on a one-time occasion compared to the monthly so-called relationship duties.


Sally Connolly, LCSW, LMFT said “Even one person who changes from talking and noting the negative to the positive can change the flavor of the relationship.”


Sharing Things

  • 3 Months – In the early stage of the relationship, you have your set of ownership in things. You think that what’s yours should belong to you and what’s his should belong only to himself. It is normal in a relationship because you still have that sense of “positive selfishness” in you.
  • 3 Years – At this point in time, there’s probably nothing that belongs to you alone and most of the things that you have, you probably have shared it with your partner already. The truth is, even your toothbrush has no excuse.




Awkward Things

  • 3 Months – When it comes to those things that you didn’t expect to happen, but happened anyway, you’ll pretty much feel embarrassed that you might pray to the gods for the earth to slowly swallow you whole. There’s no way your partner is allowed to hear you fart. Or in worst cases, he’s forbidden to smell it.
  • 3 Years – The art of sharing that embarrassing moment is present in the relationship. You can burp, sneeze, and fart anytime you want. It won’t matter whether you’ll have that silly face in front of your significant other. Your partner will get used to it anyways. Besides, there’s no greater feeling than releasing those physical torments.


Ashley Thorn, LMFT said “Share how you’re feeling. Before assuming the worst, give your partner the opportunity to clarify any miscommunication or to explain their thoughts and feelings”



  • 3 Months – Yep, cuddling is a necessity especially at the start of the relationship. You want that moment to focus only on the two of you. You probably left those dishes in the sink only to be able to spend a lot of time hugging and kissing on the couch.
  • 3 years – Priorities matter and cuddling are occasional. There is more stuff to do than waste time sitting on the couch and stare at each other.




Menstrual Periods

  • 3 Months – You might want to show your partner that having a menstrual period is something cute and natural. You try to avoid complaints as much as possible because you thought that it would kind of ruin the day for both you.
  • 3 Years – Everything about your period is toxic. The more your partner tends to act normal, the more significant chance of you getting upset. It will become all about you on those particular days of the month.

Being in a relationship is sometimes joyful and exhausting at the same time. But hey, when you are in love with your partner, you’ll do anything for them. Sides, those changes in the relationship can both make you understand each other and eventually lead you to a more extreme level of commitment.


The Relationship Lessons We Learn From Movies




Watching a movie is enjoyable, especially when you can somehow relate to some of its stories. It will make you appreciate how moviemakers present an individual’s life with the use of acting and visual representation. Most of the movies give you an idea of the types of lessons you may learn from having a relationship.


A Woman Falls For An Emotionally Unstable Guy – This type of scenario existed in movies even decades ago such as “Pretty Pink (1986),” “Two Weeks Notice (2002),” and “He’s Not Just Into You (2009)”. It represents a man who is somehow unsure about his stand in a commitment and a woman who chose to take the risk. It creates an imbalance because most of the stories depict a man as incapable of handling a relationship and a woman somehow becomes stupid in giving their all to the unworthy guy.


Someone Takes It To The Extremes – When everything else in the relationship seems to be so wrong, there’s always a person that will take it to the extreme. From the movie “Jerry Maguire (1996),” “Wedding Crashers (2005),” and “The Family Man (2000),” the goal of the ultimate gesture is to take the person back into their lives no matter what it takes. It somehow represents a relationship that values effort and consistency.


The More You Hate, The More You Love Type Of Story – This scenario is frequent in movies such as “She’s All That (1999),” “The Ugly Truth (2009),” and “The Proposal (2009).” These types of movies represent a love story of two people who started to hate each other and ended up loving one another at the end. It somehow supports real stories due to the factors that affect the law of attraction. Both men and women’s conflicted nature gives them an ideal reason to get along.




Cheating Is A Norm – Though a movie happens to show a real-life relationship encounter, cheating has become one of its primary standards. From the film “The Unfaithful Wife (1969),” “Closer (2004),” and “The Other Woman (2014),” these movies somehow teach a lesson that cheating can become one of the major problems of a relationship.


Relationships Can Start With A Lie – There’s more than meets the eye when we talk about the relationship and one of the fundamental starts can happen with a lie. Like in most movies, there’s always someone that pretends to be someone they are not in order to get a romantic success. In the end, both will eventually go through the process of reconciliation and move forward on the real journey of passionate commitment. Some examples of the movies are “Never Been Kissed (1999),” “Failure To Launch (2006),” and “You’ve Got Mail (1998).”




A person’s impact on social interaction and relationship, in general, has something to do with the experience you can get from dealing with them. You may see it as something less worthy of your time, but eventually, it will lead you to a relationship that you least expect. The movies may sometimes become out of context, but you’ll positively learn lessons from them.


Here is a list of the things that therapists say about relationships:

  • “Dating someone new will make you way more excited about the newness rather than working through your problems (of course).” – Lisa Bahar, LMFT, LPCC
  • “Assumptions sabotage a relationship.” – Ashley Thorn, LMFT
  • “Anxiety in relationships is common. Especially if you are prone to worrying or are with a partner who doesn’t communicate clearly, anxiety will be a part of your relationship, and that doesn’t necessarily make it a bad thing.” –  Alicia H. Clark, PsyD

Community Involvement: The Importance Of Abstinence Before Marriage 

We are living in an era where everything in a relationship is ‘almost’ becoming a norm. People tend to create a rationale for the things that they do. They often consider some practices as new learning and even try to validate an act by enumerating reasons why it should be done.  According to Lisa Bahar, LMFT, LPCC, “Get clear on why you want a relationship, what type of relationship you want, and if this relationships meets those needs.”


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Wildlife Is The Greatest Gift Our Grandchildren Deserve




There are parts of the earth that remain unexplored and uncharted, zones that remain untouched.  As of 2015, about 95% of the ocean as part of the body of water remained a mystery waiting for us to unravel.  Some animals were discovered not long ago to be at the edge of extinction.  They have lived long enough, but how unlucky is the next generation for they will not see them anymore.

Researchers keep on discovering new species, but then again, we are losing what we have faster.  Animals like Iberian lynx cat, Siamese crocodile, and Mexican wolf which survived long enough for modern era to encounter have come to the point that only hundreds of their kinds are left to be found.


The thirst of humankind to understand wildlife dared scientists to search for life unknown for us.  Every year there are new species discovered.  In the past decade, there were approximately 200,000 new species found and named.  Also, the extinction of species has been a worldwide problem each year.


The beauty of wildlife is an extraordinary wonder to me, how they strive and maintain to live on the earth, just like how humankind manages to survive.  It gives me much understanding that every living thing is working as one.


Visiting and going to zoos as my recreational activity has been part of my life for the past three years.  Being surrounded by wildlife allows me to have a sense of awareness.  With these animals around me, I sense that I’m not the advance or the dominant creature.  The animals in the zoo give me insights and knowledge that every species has its unique characteristics.




Understanding Wildlife

Wildlife and animals face a lot of threats to survival and reproduction, the external forces caused by man and impact made by nature.  Mass extinctions by nature happen to bring a lot more damage to the ecosystem.  Mass extinctions occur because of the eruption of volcanoes leaving emitted gases which has led a lot of species to die.  There are also instances that climate change becomes a factor in extinction.  The sudden shift in temperature that caused the glaciers to harden also froze many marine creatures to death.




Adapting Is Crucial For Surviving

Wildlife has its way of thriving to survive. The way they adapt to nature is phenomenal.  Imagine living in a place new to you without even knowing what language they speak.  You begin to get lost in places because you don’t know how to read directions.  But instead of whining, you start to find things that will benefit you to adapt little by little to the environment.  It is also true for wildlife. No matter how small the steps they take to adapt, there is nothing to do but continue and evolve.


Having Faith In Ourselves

Evolution can be harsh when the most significant enemy is humanity.  But the faith within us will manage to keep things as it should be and will continue to prosper.  As long as humans live, wildlife lives, too, and that is because nothing is more magnificent than the evolution of wildlife, the great works of nature.  And it is a gift that our grand-grand children deserve.



How To Be A Good House Husband


Nowadays it is quite common for a household to have a breadwinner wife and a husband who manages the house. There are some reasons why the wife is the one who works for the family and why the husband is the one staying at home. It could be that he is just moving from one work to another but in the meantime, he remains at home. Or it could be that the wife has a higher salary and that the husband can securely manage the house. Until just recently, it was not socially acceptable for a husband not to work for the family, but as I’ve said, times are changing, and with it, we need to change as well. This role change should not be an issue with proper counseling according to

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8 Superhero Movies To Watch Out For This 2018

Who’s up for some awesome good super-humans kicking bad guys’ asses (it doesn’t matter if they destroy cities along the way as long as the goons get defeated) this year? Well, I am and about millions more of other people worldwide.



This year’s line-up sure is a perk for superhero movie junkies like me. Here are my eight top picks to watch (arranged in order of their release dates).

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Live Your Life Even After A Broken Heart




I opened up my heart again, which was so unexpected. After being divorced for five years, and right now, at age forty-six, I never thought that I would be in love with someone again, you could say that I closed my heart six years ago when my ex-husband left me for another woman. I guess, back then, I made a vow to myself that I wouldn’t get myself involved again because the heartache was devastating. My mind told my heart – “No falling in love,” which is why I never had a real relationship until now. And it is scaring the heck out of me!

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SpaceX: The Future Of Space Travel




The development and evolution of advanced rockets and spacecraft started from scratch, and Elon Musk is the brain that made it possible. The successful first launch of Falcon Heavy Rocket makes it the largest rocket operation as of today. SpaceX was founded in 2002 and successfully achieved the re-flight of an orbital class rocket in 2017. Its mission is to sustain a city in Mars that provides to commence humans to become a multi-planet species that can successfully land an orbit and revolutionize the space technology.  NASA awarded SpaceX due to its ground system progress from a challenging feat.


The SpaceX Project

SpaceX is a project with the mission to enable humanity to explore space at a more affordable cost and allowing us to live on other planets in space. SpaceX is a project of Elon Musk, the founder of PayPal, CEO of Tesla Motors, and Chairman of SolarCity whose mission is to advance space technology for the future of humanity.

SpaceX successfully garnered the attention of everyone around the world while making a milestone in history. It is currently the only private company to successfully launch a spacecraft from low-orbit from the earth and come back in 2010. Then in 2012, the company delivered a cargo roundabout to the International Space Station, which was a challenging task to achieve with project Dragon spacecraft. The Dragon spacecraft has been providing the resupplying cargo missions for NASA since then.




History In The Making

The launching of Falcon Heavy was successful on February 6 this year by project SpaceX. The Falcon Heavy with 27 engines and three boosters is currently the most massive rocket within the project. It has a power equal to 18 Boeing 747 jetliners and is presently the most powerful rocket ever built in operation. The last comparable rocket to it was the Saturn V rocket of NASA for the Apollo moon landing in the 1970s. It is the first orbital class rocket to make a re-flight in history, creating a milestone towards the future of rapid rocket reusability. SpaceX has the potential to send bigger satellites, spacecraft and other cargos into orbit at a more affordable price. It will open a world of opportunities both for humanity and business which can lead to the rise of space travel and planetary colonization in the future.


The Mannequin In The Roadster

During the launch, there was a mannequin on top of the rocket inside a Tesla Roadster named Starman. All the while, the Roadsters sound system was playing David Bowie’s Starman song on auto-repeat during the whole event. It was an image that has induced the cheers of everyone around the world. With the potential of project SpaceX, it is possible to send humans to Mars and build a new system for Mars Travel namely ‘Big Fucking Rocket’ (BFR.)




SpaceX and Elon Musk have brought humanity closer to space exploration. Humanity will inevitably see the day when space travel is as comfortable as traveling to a different country due to the success of Falcon Heavy. Hopefully, this project will reach its full potential in the future.

No More Heartaches, No More Stress



I recently learned that I could not stress myself with all the heartaches that come my way. If I do that, I am the one who loses so much. Why and how come? Well, it will affect me mentally, emotionally, and psychologically. If the causes of that heartache will derail my head, then, it will also disturb my physical health. I will be depressed and anxious, which I don’t want to happen. That’s why I choose which heartaches will linger for a little bit in my heart, and which I blow off to decrease my problems.

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